Hear it from Me

➡️ I have more than 45,000 hours of experience working with Global 1000 firms to enhance product quality, decrease release times, and cut down costs. As a result, I’ve been able to touch more than 50 million customers by providing them with enhanced customer experience.

➡️ Functional Testing of Products was my first job, and I later worked in Test Automation, RPA, and DevOps. I’ve developed a solid reputation as the go-to person for everything automation-related thanks to this experience. 

➡️ NoSkript is an intelligent quality assurance platform that I conceptualized, designed, and implemented. It accelerates test automation implementation by 1.5X while lowering quality costs by 15%. I, therefore, have a great deal of experience in improving quality by utilizing the appropriate tools, procedures, and platforms. 

➡️ I have worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies. With the aid of digital frameworks, value stream maps, and other tools, I have carried out more than 4 dozen maturity assessments. I’ve also created roadmaps and strategies for transformation, DevOps, and Agile. 

➡️ I moderate the Automation Hangout podcast, where we talk about the most recent developments in Test Automation, DevOps, and Robotic Process Automation. Getting Ready to Return, Test Automation Best Practices, and Simplified Test Estimation are three other books I’ve written.

➡️ I enjoy imparting my knowledge and experience to those in my professional network, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re looking for free mentoring or consulting assistance.