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Automation Hangout Looking for insights into the QA and testing industry? Tune in to our software testing podcast for the best and most popular testing podcasts out there. From software testing podcasts to interview-style broadcasts with industry pros, our podcasting platform is your one-stop shop for all things QA. Whether you’re new to the testing industry or a seasoned pro, our software testing podcast offers valuable insights, tips, and strategies for improving your skills.

  • Optimizing Test Data Management: Trends, Techniques, and Best Practices
    by George Ukkuru on 5 May 2023

    Join us in this engaging episode of our podcast as we sit down with Test Data Architect, Vivek Giridharan, to discuss the latest trends and techniques in test data management. Throughout our conversation, we will explore a wide range of topics including self-service capabilities, required skillsets, and recommended tools for optimal test data management.   As an experienced professional in the field, Vivek will share his valuable insights into the various data provisioning approaches available and how they can be utilized to achieve the best results. We will also delve into the significance of data reuse in the realm of test data management and discuss ways to ensure that your organization stays up to date with the latest requirements and regulations.   Whether you are new to the field of test data management or seeking to enhance your existing capabilities, this episode is a must-listen, packed with valuable information and actionable insights. Tune in now to gain a deeper understanding of the latest trends and techniques in test data management!  

  • The Benefits of Software Composition Analysis: Unlocking the Power of Secure Code
    by George Ukkuru on 22 March 2023

    In the world of software development, the use of open-source libraries and frameworks has become increasingly popular. However, this practice also introduces security risks that can compromise the entire application. That's where Software Composition Analysis (SCA) comes in. In this podcast, we explore the world of SCA and its benefits for secure code. Join us as we discuss the latest trends in SCA, how it can help you identify vulnerabilities and dependencies, and how it can improve your overall code quality. We'll also share best practices for implementing SCA in your software development process and highlight real-life success stories. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting, this podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in keeping their software secure and efficient. Tune in now to unlock the power of SCA!  

  • How can you quickly transition into Automated Testing?
    by George Ukkuru on 9 December 2022

    As the number of tests increases and the demand for more frequent execution emerges, the expense of manual testing can quickly escalate. Automation can be an excellent approach to cutting expenses; nevertheless, the transition from manual to automated testing needs considerable effort. Let's examine when and how you should make this shift, assess the present health of your manual tests, and identify the most efficient strategy for migrating these assets to automation.

  • Cutting Packaged App Implementation Timelines – Tips & Tricks
    by George Ukkuru on 9 September 2022

    An exciting conversation with CEO and Co-Founder of OpKey Pankaj Goel around Test Automation. Pankaj shares valuable insights on how OpKey can help cut down implementation timelines of applications like SalesForce, CRM Dynamics, SAP, etc. He also discusses the increasing trend around No Code Development, best practices to succeed with test automation, Artificial Intelligence, and many more. Pankaj also touches upon how pre-fabricated automation assets can help start with test automation quickly.

  • How AI & Cloud technology are revolutionizing Test Automation
    by George Ukkuru on 27 June 2022

    In this episode of Automation Hangout, Shriram Krishnan, Vice President of ACCELQ, joins us to discuss the capabilities of his company's test automation platform. He discusses how cloud technology and artificial intelligence can improve efficiency. He also touches upon the need for end-to-end testing and the key reasons behind the improved adoption of scriptless automation platforms.

  • Provar Test Automation: Key Capabilities & Best Practices
    by George Ukkuru on 9 June 2022

    In this episode of Automation Hangout, Geraint Waters, CEO, and Co-Founder of Provar joins us to discuss the capabilities of the Provar Test Automation platform. He shares several best practices for implementing test automation effectively and trends around SalesForce DevOps, handling automation script failure, Provar's capabilities for end-to-end testing, and the roadmap for the platform.  We are happy to inform you that our podcast has been listed by Feedspot last month in the Top 20 Software Testing Podcasts. 

  • Using AI and Automation to Increase Software Testing Efficiency
    by George Ukkuru on 17 May 2022

    In this episode of Automation Hangout, Eran Kinsbruner, the Chief DevOps Evangelist at Perforce Software, joins us. He is a well-known blogger and conference speaker, and he has written four books on software engineering. Eran shares his thoughts and several use cases on how AI and automation can help improve software testing efficiency. He also discusses the usage of RPA for test life cycle automation, AI Ops, and his most recent book, "A Frontend Web Developer's Guide to Testing."

  • How to improve Data Quality and Speed up ETL testing?
    by George Ukkuru on 11 May 2022

    Bad data caused by flaws in the ETL process can lead to poor strategic decision-making. and can cost up to $14 million per year on average. Bill Hayduk, Founder, and CEO of RTTS/QuerySurge discuss the latest data engineering and validation trends. He discusses how data validation tests can be integrated into the DevOps pipeline and the skills needed to succeed in the data testing stream.

  • Unlocking the Power of Unstructured Data
    by George Ukkuru on 27 April 2022

    An estimated 85 percent of the world's enterprise data is stored in an unstructured format, which is out of the reach of traditional automation, BI, and Analytics solutions. Slater Victoroff, CTO of Indico Platform, shares his views on how data analytics, advanced artificial intelligence, and machine learning can analyze and process unstructured data. He also touches upon how insights and process automation capabilities can be used to accelerate business transformation initiatives.

  • Accelerating Transformation with Low Code Process Intelligence
    by George Ukkuru on 21 April 2022

    Prabhjot Singh is the CEO of Pyze, a Process Intelligence Platform. He joins Automation Hangout to share insights on applying process intelligence and analytics to identify bottlenecks, improve productivity and drive business results. Prabhjot also touches upon several use cases around product development, customer services, and application modernization, where process intelligence and business value analytics can be applied to maximize results.

  • Demystifying the Myths of Test Data Management
    by George Ukkuru on 12 April 2022

    Test data management is a critical and time-consuming activity in the testing lifecycle. Test cycles are slowed by a heavy reliance on production data and centralized test data teams. Garth Rose, the CEO of Genrocket, joins us in this episode to discuss how synthetic test data can help us accelerate test cycles. Garth also discusses self-service portals, reusable test data packs, DevOps integration, and the use of synthetic data to test AI-powered applications.   #testdata #genrocket #testing #DevOps

  • How to Improve the Effectiveness of Agile Testing
    by George Ukkuru on 5 April 2022

    Organizations must meet the demands for speed, quality, and flexibility to manage the expectations of both the business team and end customers. Organizations have made significant improvements in the past decade to implement Agile methodologies like Lean-Agile, Kanban, Scrum, Extreme Programming, etc, and modern software development tools. However, they are challenged by a lack of collaboration, low automation levels, and low focus on continuous improvement. The pandemic and remote made of working have also impacted some of the Agile practices and ceremonies. We talk with Lisa Crispin, an industry-renowned Agile Testing Coach, and Practitioner, in the episode. Lisa talks about improving software testing effectiveness, driving continuous improvement, and increasing test automation levels. Lisa also provides the need for having a common automation toolset and reviewing feedback from production.