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For a variety of reasons, the majority of companies continue to have low unit testing coverage levels. I’ve highlighted a handful of them below.

➡️ Lack of time: Unit test development can take a lot of time, and teams might not have enough time during Agile Sprints for this task.

➡️Lack of Knowledge: Developers could lack the necessary expertise to create high-quality unit test cases.

➡️Code complexity: If the application’s code base is complex, it may be challenging to build unit tests that sufficiently cover all the code.

➡️Lack of testing emphasis: It is less probable that a team will give unit testing a top priority if testing is not given significant attention in the organization.

How does Automated Unit Test Generation Help?


To ensure high-quality code reliability, automated unit tests can be a powerful solution. By utilizing tools like DiffBlue to analyze the code and generate test cases across multiple scenarios, developers are better equipped to catch potential defects in their individual components or functions for more comprehensive protection.

DiffBlue offers powerful capabilities to assess and validate your codebase, automatically generating tests that cover a broad spectrum of conditions. The tool can quickly analyze the functionalities in any application and generate comprehensive test cases.

What are the capabilities of DiffBlue?


DiffBlue goes beyond just creating test cases. It continues to be an asset in aiding developers to maintain and manage unit tests, enabling them to stay on top of their code changes for optimal value delivery. By analyzing the modifications made and proposing corresponding updates as needed, DiffBlue helps ensure that all unit tests remain relevant throughout the development cycle.

Overall, automated unit test case generation is a powerful tool that can help developers create comprehensive and effective unit tests more efficiently. Tools like DiffBlue make it easy to take advantage of this technique and improve the quality and reliability of their code.

What techniques are you using in order to improve the unit test coverage? Please share your valuable thoughts. 👇


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