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Software Testing: Streamlining Defect Triage Process

As a software development team, you understand those bug triages are crucial for identifying and prioritizing issues in your system. Defect triage is a process that is used in every project you may have in your organization. However, these gatherings can often seem disorderly, unfruitful, and time-consuming, leading your team to feel irritated and burdened. This is where the streamlining of your process comes into play. By maximizing efficiency and effectiveness, you can guarantee that your meetings are focused, productive, and ultimately result in a superior product. In this guide, we will delve into the best practices for simplifying the process, including preparation beforehand, highlighting priorities during the meeting, and effective follow-up tactics. Whether you are an experienced development team, agile team , or new to the procedure, this guide will assist you in obtaining the most benefit from your meetings and ensuring that your development process is streamlined.