Curated List of Awesome Visual Regression Testing Resources

Visual regression testing is an essential element in a well-rounded software testing strategy. In an age where user experience and visual presentation are critical, this type of testing ensures that the UI remains consistent across various updates and changes. From catching color inconsistencies to identifying layout shifts, visual regression testing plays a vital role in delivering a robust and visually pleasing application. This article offers a curated list of fantastic resources that can help you deepen your understanding and practical skills in visual regression testing.

Tools for Visual Regression Testing

1. Percy

  • Website: Percy
  • Why it’s awesome: Fully integrated with popular CI/CD pipelines like Jenkins and Travis CI, Percy offers parallel testing and supports various frameworks such as React and Angular.

2. Applitools

  • Website: Applitools
  • Why it’s awesome: Using AI to sift through visual differences, Applitools supports a wide range of programming languages and test frameworks. Its AI engine reduces false positives, making the test process efficient.

3. BackstopJS

  • Website: BackstopJS
  • Why it’s awesome: As an open-source tool, BackstopJS is highly configurable and works well for small to medium-sized projects. Its Docker integration makes it easier to set up and run tests.

4. Wraith

  • Website: Wraith
  • Why it’s awesome: Developed by BBC News, Wraith offers a simple setup procedure and supports capturing screenshots at multiple screen sizes for responsive testing.

Books and E-books

5. “Visual Testing Handbook” by Joe Colantonio

  • Why it’s awesome: This comprehensive guide covers all the facets of visual testing, right from choosing the right tools to best practices and real-world case studies. It’s an excellent resource for testers at all levels.

6. “Software Visual Testing: Real-World Applications” by Tim Richardson

  • Why it’s awesome: This book has a practical focus and uses real-world scenarios to explain the importance and methodologies of visual regression testing.

Online Courses

7. Udemy: Visual Regression Testing with Percy

  • Why it’s awesome: This course offers a hands-on guide to using Percy, starting with installation and leading you through practical examples and project work.

8. Coursera: Advanced Software Testing Techniques

  • Why it’s awesome: This Coursera course is comprehensive and covers various types of software testing, including a specific module on visual regression testing. The course also offers a certification upon completion.

Blogs and Articles

9. Applitools Blog

  • Website: Applitools Blog
  • Why it’s awesome: Regularly updated with contributions from industry experts, the Applitools Blog covers various aspects of visual testing, including advanced techniques and best practices.

10. Medium: The Importance of Visual Testing

  • Why it’s awesome: This Medium article delves into why visual regression testing is crucial in modern software development. It provides various examples and scenarios where visual testing can make or break an application.


11. Test Guild: Visual Regression Testing

  • Why it’s awesome: This podcast offers an in-depth conversation with professionals in the field, discussing everything from the importance of visual regression testing to the latest trends and best practices.

12. Ministry of Testing Podcast

  • Website: Ministry of Testing
  • Why it’s awesome: The podcast series often covers various types of software testing, including episodes that focus on visual regression testing. It’s a great resource for testers looking to diversify their knowledge.

Forums and Communities

13. Reddit: /r/QualityAssurance

  • Why it’s awesome: This Reddit community comprises QA professionals who regularly discuss topics like visual regression testing. It’s a good place to share resources, ask questions, and stay updated.

14. Stack Overflow

  • Why it’s awesome: Using the visual-testing tag, you can find or ask specific questions related to visual regression testing. Stack Overflow offers a wealth of knowledge from experts worldwide.

YouTube Channels

15. Applitools YouTube Channel

  • Website: Applitools YouTube
  • Why it’s awesome: This channel provides tutorials, webinars, and talks by industry experts, offering insights into various aspects of visual regression testing.

16. QA Touch

  • Website: QA Touch YouTube
  • Why it’s awesome: Specializing in comprehensive software testing tutorials, the channel often covers themes around visual regression testing. It provides both beginner and advanced level content.


Visual regression testing is not just an added layer but a necessity in contemporary software testing practices. This curated list aims to equip you with the tools, knowledge, and community support to excel in this niche. Whether you’re starting your journey in software testing or are a seasoned tester looking to add another feather to your cap, these resources provide a robust foundation for anyone keen on mastering visual regression testing.